Our Business Vision

Our Business Vision

MGI positions itself as a digital service provider (DSP). A DSP applies the principles of Internet service delivery, meaning its delivery architecture is integrated, seamless, intelligent, automated, simple and in real time. A DSP provides digital services through an ecosystem where consumers interact online and across devices.

The first challenge to become a digital service provider involves a change in the mindset and culture; we need to view ourselves not as a communication service provider but as a genuine digital competitor. We need to shift away from serving as a channel for MNO and move towards creating a platform, and the way for us to capitalize on the opportunities in the digital services domain and its associated revenue is to build our business as a digital service provider.

To become a DSP, MGI needs to build or own a comprehensive platform to support its ambition to become a full-blown premiere DSP with two main differentiators:

• An advanced set of service offerings that will disrupt and shock the market landscape with products that are currently not offered by other players
• A technology superiority and scalability that will give protection and support for future growth.

The company is designed to fulfil current and future digital business functionality that offers more flexible, configurable and expandable to cater for future.