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An MVNO that Redefines the Digital Marketplace

Today’s customers expect a personalized buying experience and are becoming adept at tracking down the best deals, the most flexible models, and the most competitive pricing; they are also becoming less brand-focused. They are exercising greater choice through online self-service, and rejecting rigid contracts, long-term commitments or outdated tariffs and fixed rate plans. As a result, they are looking at viable alternatives to MNOs in the form of innovative and price competitive providers that offer services that can be personalized to suit their lifestyle.

As consumers evolve and become more digitally-empowered, connected and informed, they are also less loyal to telcos. Even worse, almost half of customers are antagonists who harbour negative opinions about their provider and possibly talk negatively about them. At the same time, consumers’ expectations regarding price, service and delivery have soared.

MGI will compete on a different basis than those of yesteryear that relied on price as the main competitive factor. These businesses are nimbler than the incumbents service providers, and will enter new markets with highly segmented, personalized offers rather than merely trying to compete on price.

The speed at which this change is sweeping through the industry is putting MGI’s service concept and business model on the fast track. It is not just about cheap calls or ethnic target subscribers; it is about market upheaval and a loud wake up call for established MNOs. MGI’s business model is based on the new reality that pitches a practical and highly attractive proposition that rests on delivering what customers want. The key to achieving choice and gratification is real-time customer interaction, a model that allows customers to deal with us online, and instantly make purchases, regulate usage and tailor packages to suit their own needs – all from their mobile devices. This level of personalization and self-configuration is highly empowering for the end-users. It provides them with immense levels of satisfaction with the overall service experience, contributing to brand loyalty and greater brand advocacy. MGI will be adapting to new market realities faster than the MNOs, largely because we do not have to own any physical network assets and derive our agility from the intellectual ownership of powerful virtual propositions without the need to own any network.